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Corporate Travel & Expense Management Solutions - Buying Business Travel



Today’s travelers want an intuitive and dynamic travel booking experience.


Give your travelers complete control of the booking experience right from the palm of their hand.

Personalized Service

Support shouldn't be frustrating or painful.  We get to know your travelers & provide a personalized experience

Expense Management

Manual expense reporting processes are now a thing of the past.  

Today’s travelers want an intuitive and dynamic travel booking experience. The ability to easily search and compare air, car rental and hotel properties across desktop and mobile applications has bridged the gap between consumer travel experience and business travel experience.


With personalized travel preferences travelers have a streamlined process to
selecting the right trip for corporate benefits. When a traveler books outside of your platform the business can’t reap the benefits and doesn’t have insight to where employees are located. Let us deliver the best corporate travel and expense management solutions for your team.

Mobile is on the rise, according to PhocusWire about 40% of bookings were completed on a smartphone device.  When buying business travel today, the booking experience is smooth and seamless whether you’re on a smartphone or desktop.

Our Mobile Technology allows your travelers to maintain control through the entire travel planning process. Give your employees complete control in the palm of their hand. From the start of their search, booking their trip, executing their travel and handling expense management, we have them covered. Whether they are on site or at their home office. Travelers can mitigate disruptions and modify reservations when
the moment they happen, instead of waiting on hold for hours only to be told everything is sold out.

Our corporate travel management services ensure satisfaction and success. We assign a dedicated travel specialist to ensure your travelers receive premiere personalized service The dedicated travel specialist is available to tackle everything from technical support to trip disruption control. We offer a one of a kind, 24/7, support system that enhances your travel program with top notch
customer service. At Professional Travel Service we help travelers with special requests and ensure each traveler gets the VIP experience while on the road.

Manual expense processing is a thing of the past. With today’s travel booking platforms we can help streamline the process from booking travel to expense management and every process in between. Think of us as your end to end corporate travel solutions. Whether it’s taking a picture of the receipt or automatically integrating e-receipt technology, we have the tools that will save you and your team a significant amount of time and money buying business travel.

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